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Master Pedro Martinez has over thirty-five years experience in Martial Arts. In 1974, at the age of 12, Pedro began his studies learning Korean Martial Arts in Caracas, Venezuela. At 14 years, he moved on to Chinese Martial Arts and began his studies at the Dragon Dance Kung Fu School with Grand Master Tai She Che of Taiwan. Master Tai She Che was very strict and methodic in his teaching as his own three masters had been to him. Pedro first learned the system of Tang Lang Quan (Seven Star, Plum Blossom, and Six Harmony Mantis Boxing) and continued with internal systems such as Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, and Bagua Zhang. Upon having learned these styles, Pedro was made a formal disciple through the ceremony of Baishi, by Master Tai She Che. Master Tai She Che then introduced Pedro to the rare systems of Baji Quan and Pigua Zhang. Pedro practiced with Grand Master Tai She Che for a total of ten years until his master moved back to Taiwan in 1989. It was at this point in time when Pedro began to study more in-depth with the other master of the Dragon Dance Kung Fu School, Master Fu Shun Nan of Shandong, China. Master Fu Shun Nan introduced him to the Northern Shaolin styles of Cha Quan, Hong Quan and Pao Quan (emphasizing the applications of Chinese Wrestling).

After having trained five years under Master Fu Shun Nan, Pedro Martinez met Master Jaime Barrada from Shen Wu School in Venezuela, who introduced him to Contemporary Wushu. He taught him contemporary Ba Gua and scientific methods of training, particularly in jumping.

1n 1992, Pedro Martinez joined the Venezuelan Kung Fu team. Shortly after, he was then called upon by Grand Master Tai She Che, who was still in Taiwan, to compete in the 7th Kuoshu Tournament in Taiwan. Pedro competed in the international tournament and won 2nd place in Traditional Martial Arts. That same year, Pedro moved to New York to pursue his studies of Wushu with Master Edward Aguirre of The Society of American Wushu. Master Aguirre introduced Pedro to all the competitive routines as well as the free style double broad sword. Two years later, Pedro joined the USA Shaolin Temple in New York to train under Master Shi Yan Ming. It was there where Pedro met his soon to be martial arts brother, Rudy Ibarra.

Pedro continued to practice Song Shan Shaolin until visiting Master Chen Ying, introduced him to Ziranmen (Natural Style) fighting methods of the famous master Wan Laisheng. For over ten years, Pedro studied Ziranmen under Master Chen Ying who explained many concepts of martial arts in general thereby giving him a new way of looking at Kungfu combat.

After Rudy Ibarra returned from his training in China with Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin, he shared what he had learned with Pedro, practices like traditional Ziranmen training methods for body and footwork, progression from soft to hard and empty to full, brought Pedro’s understanding to yet another level.

Pedro Martinez has performed in demonstrations and competitions all over the world including Venezuela, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and U.S.A. He has won first and second place titles in various international competitions.

Shifu Pedro Demonstrating Wu Tang Bagua Dao (Taipei Taiwan)
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